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Earth-Shaking Technology!: See Real Humans Speak What You Type!

Making money online got SO MUCH easier with Real Human Speak!

As the pandemic continues to drive people towards online work and solutions, Humatars has emerged as a powerful tool. Humatars are real people who can be used as spokespersons for almost anything. With their help, you can add a personal touch to your digital communications and make a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you need a spokesperson to introduce your product, demonstrate your software, or provide a virtual tour of your store, Humatars is the perfect solution. Having a real person making the video can convey your message authentically and connect with your audience in a way that pre-recorded videos cannot. With Humatars, you can take your online presence to the next level and make a real impact.

Human Synthesys Studio is the new revolutionary software application from video expert Todd Gross & Team that allows you to make REAL HUMAN speaks for you what you type instantly. But honestly, it only takes ONE “Humatar,” as they are called, to be your dedicated spokesperson to change virtually everything!

Humatars speak regional English dialects, and if you type in another language, your spokesperson will automatically talk in that language – opening the world to your videos instantly! Use your own voice or text-to-speech for perfect human communication on center stage. Simple words and word choice make it a perfect solution to communicate with anyone, anywhere, and in any language.

Making Money Online Easier with the Real Person Speaks for You!

  • The person making the video can sell commercial licenses to local businesses and place the spokesperson in front of their store for a personalized touch.
  • Offer low-cost gigs on Fiverr for customers who pay $100 & up.
  • Use Humatars for software tutorials in your online business.
  • The spokesperson can replace a hired person on sales pages for speaking and talking about any product for e-commerce.

The result? LifeHack Humatars will speak whatever you type!

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