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How to Make YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos

Need to convert your existing videos into YouTube Shorts? This straightforward guide cuts through the clutter to bring you easy-to-follow steps for crafting Shorts that captivate your audience. We’ll cover choosing clips, editing, and optimizing—everything to master the ‘how to make YouTube shorts from existing videos’ without the fluff. Get ready to transform your content with efficiency and flair.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube Shorts help creators increase audience engagement, reach new viewers who prefer short-form content, and maximize the value of existing video content.

  • Effective YouTube Shorts are created by selecting key moments, evergreen content, or high-quality footage from long-form videos and augmenting them with editing, captions, and text overlays.

  • Successful promotion of YouTube Shorts involves strategically choosing visibility settings, optimizing video titles and descriptions for discoverability, and sharing and linking Shorts to enhance their reach and viewer engagement.

Why You Should Create YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos

A smartphone showing the YouTube app with the 'Shorts' feature highlighted

Utilizing the potential of YouTube Shorts offers creators numerous benefits. Some may wonder, what is the reason for converting my current videos into Shorts? The answer can be broken down into three main points: increasing audience interaction, tapping into a new viewership pool, and maximizing content value.

Let’s take a closer look at these advantages.

Boost Audience Engagement

YouTube Shorts have revolutionized audience engagement by providing quick, captivating videos that hold viewer attention. These brief and entertaining clips require minimal editing yet provide immediate value to viewers. As a result, they can significantly increase the retention rates of audiences who often watch them until the end.

When aiming for deeper connections with your viewers on YouTube, keep in mind that sometimes less is more effective. Utilizing YouTube Shorts as part of your strategy could lead to higher levels of audience engagement and involvement.

Reach New Viewers

Do you want to connect with viewers who prefer shorter content? YouTube Shorts is the perfect solution. By taking a snippet from your existing videos and turning it into a Short, you can create shorts that can capture the interest of those who may not usually watch longer-form video formats. Featuring these Shorts on the homepage of YouTube can lead to increased exposure for your channel among potential new viewers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your audience through engaging short videos!

Maximize Content Value

By repurposing your long-form videos for YouTube Shorts, you are essentially revitalizing your content and extending its lifespan. It’s like getting more out of a squeezed orange by making juice with the leftover pulp. This approach enables efficient use of your content calendar, ensuring a consistent stream of material without having to create new videos from scratch.

To generate more video content, this method also adds value to your work. The creation process not only produces quantity but enhances quality as well.

Selecting the Right Long-Form Video for Your YouTube Short

A selection process with a highlight on key moments in a long-form video

Once you have understood the advantages of utilizing YouTube Shorts, a crucial question emerges – which long-form video should I choose to transform into a Short? The answer can be found by concentrating on important moments within the footage, evergreen content that remains relevant over time and ensuring high-quality visuals. All these elements are vital in creating captivating Shorts that will connect with your target audience.

Key Moments

Utilizing YouTube Shorts, you can extract engaging, informative and entertaining segments from your long-form videos, creating shorts that are able to stand on their own. These specific moments serve as enticing teasers or highlights for viewers to explore the entire long-form video.

Shorts tend to attract audiences by providing concise content on particular topics of interest. It is crucial to identify valuable parts within your longer videos and showcase them in the world of Shorts!

By highlighting key elements from lengthy long form youtube videos through Youtube shorts, you can pique audience’s curiosity with succinct information pertaining only to their interests. Therefore, ensure not disregard any significant details when extracting golden nuggets from comprehensive long form materials since these precious bits offer an excellent opportunity to draw attention towards youtubes short length clips!

Evergreen Content

Think of evergreen content as a plant that keeps blooming year after year. It remains valuable and relevant, just like YouTube Shorts do. When deciding which long-form video to convert into a Short, choose timeless content that will attract viewers no matter when they come across your creation on YouTube. Don’t underestimate the power of selecting engaging and lasting videos for creating successful Youtube shorts!

High-Quality Footage

When creating YouTube Shorts, it is essential to prioritize visual appeal. Your audience deserves the best, and using high-quality footage is a must. This means selecting visually appealing footage that meets your brand’s standards when converting longer videos into Shorts on your YouTube channel. After all, the quality of your content can significantly impact your brand image and how viewers perceive you.

Creating YouTube Shorts from Existing Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide

A video clip being edited using YouTube's dedicated tools

Looking to dive into the world of YouTube Shorts? Look no further! This guide will walk you through using the YouTube app to transform choose edit your existing videos into Shorts, while keeping the original full video available for your audience on your channel. Gain inspiration from other youtubers’ content and manage and analyze Short performance in YouTube Studio.

Firstly, select a suitable video clip, then use various editing techniques such as adding captions and text overlays. Take cues from popular youtube videos when creating unique content for your channel’s growth on this platform.

Choose a Video Clip

To really begin editing and making a YouTube Short, the first step is to select a video clip from your channel. The chosen clip should be longer than 2 minutes in length. Then, use the Clip button under the title and adjust the slider to choose a snippet between 5 and 60 seconds long. Once you have selected your desired clip, it’s time to start editing! This process can also be used with other videos on Youtube besides those specifically created for Shorts.

Edit the Clip

Once you have your clip, it is important to enhance its quality. YouTube’s editing tools allow for the addition of filters, timing adjustments and text overlays in order to make your Short stand out. Keep in mind that a successful business is a success. Short should not only be visually appealing, but also captivating and educational.

Add Captions and Text Overlays

Adding captions and text overlays can greatly enhance your video’s impact on the audience. They not only make it more accessible, but also provide a creative way to guide viewers and give context to what they’re watching. In fact, you can even use them as calls to action for an engaging experience without relying solely on sound.

Enhancing Your YouTube Shorts with Additional Content

A creative editing process with background music and additional footage being added

Producing YouTube Shorts is only the start. There are boundless opportunities to enhance your Shorts with additional material, such as incorporating background music, including extra clips and utilizing imaginative editing methods. Let’s discover ways to make your shorts more engaging on YouTube.

Add Background Music

A YouTube Short wouldn’t be complete without some rhythm. You can greatly improve the attractiveness of your short by adding background music from YouTube’s extensive library. Pick a track that goes well with your content and witness how sound brings life to your Short!

Include Additional Footage

Why stick to using only one clip when creating a YouTube Short? Make use of the variety more footage available by incorporating additional footage. Whether it’s reaction shots, cutaways, or even fresh content, adding extra footage can elevate your Short and make it stand out on YouTube.

Utilize Creative Editing Techniques

Don’t be afraid to explore different editing methods for your Short videos in order to make them more dynamic and refined. Experiment with techniques like jump cuts, text overlays, or graphic animations until you find the right fit for your content.

Take advantage of Shorts as a platform to showcase your artistic flair through various means such as implementing creative transitions and adding interesting graphics using tools like text overlays.

Publishing and Promoting Your YouTube Shorts

Optimizing video title and description for YouTube Shorts

Once you have created a compelling YouTube Short, the next task is to share it with your audience. Determining the best method for publishing and promoting your Short can be challenging. The secret lies in selecting appropriate visibility settings, optimizing both the video title and description, as well as strategically sharing and linking your short on various platforms.

Choose Visibility Settings

There are various visibility options available for your YouTube Short, including: Private – where only you can see the edit into a short itself. Unlisted – which allows anyone with the link to view it but won’t show up in search results or on your channel. Public – making the short visible to everyone. And scheduled publishing, where you can set a specific date and time for its release.

It is important to carefully consider which option best fits your needs when sharing a YouTube Short. You have control over who sees it by choosing from one of these four choices: private viewing restricted solely to yourself, unlisted videos with access granted through use of a designated link without appearing in searches or on channels publicly accessible online content showcased under “public” settings that does not require any links at all, as well as being able schedule posts ahead so they appear automatically according to predetermined dates/times decided upon beforehand.

Optimize Video Title and Description

Your YouTube Short’s title and description are not mere captions. They serve as the first impression of your video. A brief yet captivating title that incorporates relevant keywords can enhance your video’s visibility in search results and entice viewers.

Optimizing the description of your video by including crucial details and target keywords can increase its chances of being discovered on YouTube.

Share and Link to Your YouTube Shorts

Boosting the visibility, traffic, and viewership of your YouTube Shorts is possible through sharing and linking. Utilize various platforms such as social media or embedding in websites to increase exposure for your videos. Including links to related content on your channel can also lead viewers to more available videos. Every link shared plays a crucial role in driving engagement for existing Youtube videos and shorts.

Tips for Success with YouTube Shorts

Crafting YouTube Shorts, like any art form, requires a combination of skill and strategic thinking. Whether you have prior experience as a YouTuber or are just beginning your journey on the platform, these tips will assist you in creating content that connects with viewers and sets you apart from others.

Experiment with Different Formats

It’s important not to confine yourself to a single format on your channel. Try out various formats can assist you in discovering what connects best with your viewers. You could consider sharing quick tips, offering glimpses of behind-the-scenes content, creating vlogs or conducting interviews.

By diversifying the types of content you share on your channel, you have the potential to attract different segments within your audience and keep them engaged with new content over time.

Monitor Performance Metrics

When it comes to YouTube Shorts, tracking and measuring results is key. It’s important to keep an eye on metrics like views and follower growth in order to effectively assess your approach. By analyzing impressions from the Shorts feed and evaluating overall performance metrics, you can determine which short-form formats are resonating best with your viewers within the world of YouTube.

Engage with Your Audience

Don’t forget to actively interact with your audience. Taking the time to respond to viewer comments, encouraging likes and shares, and hosting live sessions or Q&A events can greatly increase the visibility of your videos on YouTube Shorts and encourage more engagement from viewers.

Remember that successful youtube shorts are created by individuals who value their audience’s support and recognize the impact their and other youtubers videos have. So always prioritize engaging with your audience in order for your video content on YouTube to thrive.


In essence, YouTube Shorts offer creators a valuable tool to utilize. They have the potential to increase viewer participation, expand their reach and optimize content worth. By implementing effective strategies and methods, you can convert your current videos into captivating Shorts that connect with your viewers on a deeper level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert YouTube videos to Shorts?

Transforming YouTube videos into Shorts is easy with the help of an online video editor, such as Flixier. All you need to do is the create button and copy and paste your desired YouTube video link onto the editor’s platform, which will then efficiently convert it into a seamless short film. This simple process allows you to create perfect shorts from any existing content on YouTube.

Can I upload an existing video to YouTube Shorts?

The option to upload a pre-existing video onto YouTube Shorts is available through the Video Import feature or by creating a Short directly from a public video within the app. This allows users of existing YouTube, to easily share their existing videos on this newer platform without hassle and convenience.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are a new feature for short videos on the YouTube platform that have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. They offer creators an innovative way to demonstrate their ingenuity through condensed clips, providing more opportunities for creativity and expression.

How can I enhance my YouTube Shorts?

For better performance of your YouTube Shorts, it is recommended to incorporate background music and include extra footage. You can also utilize inventive editing techniques and optimize the original video for title and description. These measures will aid in attracting a larger audience and enhancing engagement on your content within the platform of YouTube.

How can I promote my YouTube Shorts?

Maximize the exposure of your YouTube Shorts by modifying their visibility options, promoting them on various social media platforms and websites, as well as actively engaging with your audience to boost participation and viewership.


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